Kiran D.

Behavioural Economics opened my mind to the influence that design and circumstances have upon individuals and our interactions within societies. I’m passionate about understanding how relationships and social challenges can be resolved or altered through strategic design.

Using human-centred design, the digital world and behavioural patterns, I want to shape, create and contribute to socially conscious innovations and experiences.

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Banana Armour

 Made from used crisp packets, Banana Armour is a simple wrap that cushions and cools bananas, providing optimal travelling conditions for the crop on their way to market. Extending the green-life of bananas increases the lifespan for both farmers and buyers, reduces waste for small-scale producers and helps bring more food to the table.


CERN x RCA Grand Challenge Finalist.

Non Dinary

An educational dining experience focused on the notion as gender as a construct. Non Dinary approaches this in an unconventional and lighthearted way through the power of food.

Social Wings

Wearable diffusers that will turn you into a social butterfly. Mimicking how dogs use their sense of smell to learn about each other, the social scent diffuser acts as a bonding system between strangers.

User Research, Stakeholder Analysis, Service Blueprint Mapping

Labour Economics, Data Analysis & Visualisation, Social Policy, Gender Gap

Education, User Research, Interviewing, Concept Creation, Prototyping

Design Thinking, Empathy Mapping, Future Innovation,


Speculative Design

Concept Validation, User Testing, Stakeholder Management