Service Design.

Client: CERN

Made from used crisp packets, Banana Armour is a simple pleated wrap that cushions and cools bananas, providing optimal travelling conditions on their way to market, helping bring more food to the table.

CERN x RCA Grand Challenge Finalist.

Banana Armour

Client: BBC

Brb - be right back - is a data enabled service helping reduce an unbalanced use of digital media to support with the demanding nature of the attention economy.

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BBC brb

Client: Planethon

A spellcheck for sustainability. Harnessing new advances in digital modelling, material sourcing data and the demand for sustainable buildings to reimagine the building design process.

Research presented to McKinsey & Co.

The Bradford Way

Client: Bradford City Council

A new community makerspace for Bradford's youth. Through asset-based community development, an unused space is regenerated and tied into the pride in the character of a Bradfordian and its history of manufacturing.

Client: Telefonica Alpha

An educational dining experience focused on the notion as gender as a construct, approached in an unconventional and lighthearted way through the power of food.

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Non Dinary