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I am currently studying a Masters in Service Design at the Royal College of Art, strengthening skills in areas such as system design, behavioural research and visual communication. I have purposefully worked on projects that allow me to grow as a strategic designer by exploring different societal issues in distinct ways.

Please explore my portfolio, and feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Banana Armour

 Made from used crisp packets, Banana Armour is a simple pleated wrap that cushions and cools bananas, providing optimal travelling conditions on their way to market, helping bring more food to the table.


CERN x RCA Grand Challenge Finalist.

(Coming soon)

Non Dinary

An educational dining experience focused on the notion as gender as a construct, approached in an unconventional and lighthearted way through the power of food.

(Coming soon)

Social Wings

Mimicking how dogs use their sense of smell to learn about each other, these social scent diffusers act as a bonding system between strangers.

(Coming soon)

User Research, Stakeholder Analysis, Service Blueprint Mapping

Labour Economics, Data Analysis & Visualisation, Social Policy, Gender Gap

Education, User Research, Interviewing, Concept Creation, Prototyping

Ongoing projects:

Healthy spaces and resilient communities in Bradford - in partnership with EU Interreg and Bradford City Council

Detecting illnesses such as dementia or diabetes through mobile eye examination - in collaboration with Imperial College MBA students