Target certain areas in cities (e.g. affluent areas of London). We decided to avoid petrol stations on motorways for long haul journeys as it’s recommended that people get out to stretch their legs. 

Gather valuable data such as: how often and from where, people purchase additional goods and the types of items they buy. This can be used to dictate when and what to stock vending machines with and where to next setup.

Investing in a robotic arm, such as Sawyer, provides petrol stations with the tools to quickly adapt to changing regulations around vehicles and petrol.

It’s purpose can be reimagined, reprogrammed and relocated, e.g.  driverless cars arriving to pick up groceries on behalf of a customer. 

Look for sponsorship with supermarkets and brands to fill up the Smart Vending Machines, and banks for exclusivity/promotion through the App payment. 

Our recommendation: initially introduce this as fast lane, and leave standard petrol pumps to operate as usual operate.