My Milkshake

Client: N/A - for fun
Role: Maker
Summer 2017



Extra thoughts

While I had some free time in my evenings one summer I decided to have a go at using Blender following some tutorials I found online on YouTube.

I'd always been curious about animation and thought it would be a fun hobby. 

The results

I first attempted a falling chain. 

Then added a ball to the end to smash into a pile of bricks.

Next I attempted a glass of spilt milkshake. This was much trickier. First I created the scene.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 20.51.35.png

Then I added CG textures.


Next I played with the motion of a liquid falling.

The textures don't appear in these renders due to the time taken to load.

I then positioned the liquid inside the mixer, however, as the liquid poured out it didn't understand the boundary of the glass.

Apologies for the wonky camera angles.

In my attempt to redeem this, most of the milkshake spilt on the floor instead of into the glass.

I'd argue as a kid trying to pour a milkshake I probably also spilt a lot on the maybe this is more realistic than I gave it credit for.

The spillage in its full glory.

Sadly my laptop couldn't handle the processing power to speed this up.