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Brief: Create a narrative and physical intervention (e.g. jewellery, clothing, performative object, device) offering different responses to the senses of “Touch” and “Smell” within different speculative or future scenarios 

Date: October 2018, 5 day sprint, full-time

Developed in collaboration with Leah Mentzis, Thomas Hartley and Zhenzhu Wang

Brainstorming on associations and ideas around touch and smell:

Building a narrative around our scenario, inspired by story telling techniques:




Next, we sampled a lot of scents and considered the use of active and passive scent releasers:














Passive: (no engergy needed to release smell):                      Active:

Reed diffuser                                                                                Humidifiers/mist

Absorbant pads                                                                            Candles and heat releasers

Ceramics                                                                                       Fans/air pumps

Textiles and fabrics                                                                      Cosmetics

Silica                                                                                               Atomisers


Prototypes of our wearable designs:











Due to the story of our narrative, we decided to select designs that mimicked the motion or characteristics of a (social) butterfly.

A glimpse into the making process:

























The final design:















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We programmed an arduino set to pump air connected to a mini fan every 10 seconds. The fan was attached to a rubber tube which circulated a scented airflow to a metal tube which was moulded and welded into shape with scent release holes carved in.

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